Financial Execution of Structural Funds



The European Court of Auditors reports that EU co-financed urban transport projects are underutilized

The European Court of Auditors published today a report on the ‘Effectiveness of EU-supported public urban transport projects.’

Romania Submitted Its Official Partnership Agreement Proposal to the European Commission

Romanian Ministry of EU Funds announced that Romania submitted its official Partnership Agreement Proposal to the European Commission. Thus, Romania is 13th Member State to officially submit its Partnership Agreement Proposal. 

The English version of this official proposal is accessible through the following link: Romanian Partnership Agreement for the 2014-2020 Programming Period

Implementation of Cohesion Policy in Greece as of January 2014

The Sixth Activity Report of the Task Force for Greece (TFGR) has been published last week. It highlights progress that Greece has made in absorption of its ESI Funds as compared to the end of 2010. Namely, Greece ranks 2nd among all Member States in absorption of Cohesion Fund, and 4th in regards to absorption of Structural Funds. The 4th place in absorption of Structural Funds has been lowered by the relatively low absorption of European Social Funds (62,31%) as compared to other EU Member States (67,59%).

12 Member States Have Submitted Official Proposals of Their Partnership Agreements

The European Commission confirmed that it received the official Partnership Agreement proposals from 12 Member States.The remaining 16 states have to submit their official proposals by the 22nd of April. 

The following states have submitted their Partnership Agreements:

Guidelines for the Use of Financial Instruments in ESIF 2014-2020

The European Commission issued a short reference on Financial Instruments in ESIF programs 2014-2020, which is designed to provide an overview of the main elements of the new legislation as it pertains to financial instruments. It may be expanded or supplemented with more detailed specific guidance as relevant.