Four financing priorities for Poland 2014-2020

The European Commission presented each Member States with a Position Paper on the development of EU-financed programmes for 2014-2020. The Papers identify the main priorities that the European Commission would like to co-finance from Structural and Cohesion Fund, as well as from Rural Development and Fisheries funds. In the case of Poland a number of four priorities have been identified:

  1. Modern network infrastructure for growth and jobs
  • Promote sustainable transport and remove bottlenecks in key network infrastructures;
  • Support the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors;
  • Enhance access to, and use and quality of, information and communication technologies.
  1. Innovation-friendly business environment
  • Strengthen research, technological development and innovation;
  • Enhance access to, and use and quality of ICTs;
  • Enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, the agricultural sectors and the fisheries sector and aquaculture sector;
  • Enhance institutional capacity and an efficient public administration.
  1. Increase labour-market participation
  • Promote employment and supporting labour mobility;
  • Promote social inclusion and combating poverty;
  • Invest in education, skills and lifelong learning.
  1. Environment-friendly and resource-efficient economy
  • Support the shift towards a low-carbon economy;
  • Promote climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management;
  • Protect the environment and promote resource efficiency.

More information available here and here.