Future EU funds - options and recommendations for the development of operational programmes in Portugal

The Position Paper on the development of the Partnership Agreement and programmes in Portugal for 2014-2020 outlines the European Commission’s recommendations for the future programming period in Portugal.

Regarding the structure of Portugal’s future operational programmes, the European Commission recommends:

  • Reducing the number of operational programmes (OPs) compared to the current period;
  • Ensuring strong coordination mechanisms/institutions;
  • There could be a few national programmes covering broad thematic domains and ERDF financed regional programmes for each of the five mainland regions;
  • Setting up a national ESF operational programme that would allow Portugal to align the programm to the need identified in the economic adjustment programme and achieve the goals of Europe2020.
  • For the outermost regions of Madeira and Azores a regional mono or multi-fund program could be an option.

The Position Paper notes that the ‘balance of funding, the number of programmes and the most suitable architecture will have to be developed in partnership with stakeholders in Portugal and in negotiations with the European Commission’.

In addition, the document makes recommendations for the financing priorities that the European Commission would like to co-finance in the Portugal, namely:

  • Increased competitiveness;
  • Fight against unemployment, in particular amongst the young, along with improving the quality of education and training and the integration of those socially excluded and at the risk of poverty;
  • Environment-friendly and resource-efficient economy, including proper use of maritime resources.

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