Greece - measures to speed up the implementation of EU Funds and challenges faced

The 2012 Strategic report on the implementation of programmes in Greece highlights some of the measures adopted to fight off the economic crisis and to speed up the implementation of Structural Funds:

  • Activation of new financial instruments;
  • The 2012 review of the National Strategic Reference Framework and operational programmes;
  • Elaboration of an Action Plan aimed at strengthening youth employment and entrepreneurship;
  • Drafting of a list of 181 priority projects totaling 11,5 billion EUR;
  • Simplification of the management system of co-financed projects;
  • Increasing the EU - cofinancing rate.

The report also indicates the main factors hampering the implementation of Structural Funds in Greece:

  • Strong vulnerability to external factors (liquidity crisis and financial crisis);
  • The simultaneous implementation of the administrative reform at regional and local level (the so-called Kallicrates reform);
  • The challenges of a programming architecture characterised by a transition from Convergence regions to a mixed system of Convergence regions, Phase-in and Phase-out regions;
  • Limited availability to address the needs arising from the the crisis, recovery from the crisis and long term growth.

Read the 2012 Strategic Report - Greece

Source: European Commission