Achievements of Cohesion Policy in Poland

More jobs, better infrastructure and sustained economic growth. These are in short the achievements of Cohesion Policy in Poland according to the 2012 Strategic Report on the implementation of current programmes in Poland.

Here are some of the conclusions of the report:

  • Average annual economic growth of 4.3% between 2007-2011  ( EU-27: 0.5% )
  • In 2011 the public investment rate reached a record high of 5.8% of GDP. The share of public sector investment in total investments grew during the country’s EU membership from about 32% to over 43%, mainly owing to the use of EU funds.
  • Between 2007-2010 Poland observed the highest growth in employment amont EU-Member States (+4.8 p.p.).;
  • Labour productivity saw an increase of 5.7 p.p.  between 2007-2010;
  • Improvement in the quality of public institutions’ performance and  e-administration;
  • Improvement in the quality of human capital and enhancement of social cohesion;
  • Development of the transport systems in Poland (hard-surface roads + 7%, as well as improved railway infrastructure)
  • The number of broadband connections compared to the population figures almost quadrupled between 2007–2010.

More information is available here and here.

Source: European Commission