Update - Level of implementation of EU Funds in Poland

According to data generated from the KSI SIMIK 07-13 National Information System, since the start of programmes until 23th June 2013268 100 applications (correct from the formal point of view) were submitted for the global amount of co-financing (both Community and national funds) of PLN 550.9 billion.

During the same period, 86 123 contracts for co-financing were signed with beneficiaries, for the amount of PLN 357 billion (83 658 336 847  EUR*) amount of co-funding on the part of the EU of PLN 246.7 billion, which constitutes 86.3 percent of allocation for the 2007-2013 period.

The value of beneficiaries’ expenditure recognised as eligible, resulting from submitted payment claims was PLN 214.8 billion (50 343 593 561 EUR*), and in the part of EU co-financing – PLN 152.3 billion.

*Exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4,2667 PLN

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Source: Polish Ministry of EU Funds