The European Commission's added value to the Member States' efforts in tackling youth unemployment

Following the Round table on Youth Employment in Europe, which took place in Berlin on 3 July 2013, President Barroso talked about the role of the European Commission in fighting youth unemployment: 'The role of the European Commission is to act as a catalyst, complementing and supporting national efforts – namely through funding programmes that we are for instance blending and leveraging with the EIB allowing the structural funds to be mobilized for this most urgent priority'. President Barroso mentioned five areas of Commission added value:

  • ensure implementation of the Country Specific Recommendations where urgent steps have been identified, including concrete structural reforms of labour markets, to combat youth unemployment;
  • Support Member States in their efforts to implement the Youth Guarantee schemes and by frontloading the Youth Employment Initiative. Dedicated Youth Employment Action Teams will directly assist the Member States upon their request;
  • Accelerate work with Member States on the Partnership Agreements, so that the European Social Fund, can provide extensive support to human capital;
  • Promote cross-border mobility among young people;
  • Ease transition from education to work: for example the European Alliance for Apprenticeships was launched yesterday, and we will move fast with implementation of "ERASMUS +".

Read the full statement following the Roundtable on Youth Unemployment in Europe

Source: European Commission