`Single Audit` of Cohesion Spending

Press release: 

According to a new report published by the European Court of Auditors today, the European Commission faces challenges to its reliance on the results of audits carried out by Member States of EU regional funds. The situation may cause the Commission, in its reporting to the European Parliament and the Council, to underestimate the problems and not appropriately assess what is needed to achieve a clean audit opinion in this policy area.

Responsibility for checking regional spending is shared by the Commission and the Member States. Since 2007 the Commission has increasingly relied on information provided by national audit bodies in order to avoid double checking and reduce the overall costs of control.

The Court estimates that around € 860 million has been spent on auditing EU regional policy by Member States during the period 2007 to 2013. This corresponds to 0.2 % of the total regional policy budget.

The Court recommends that the Commission adopt a prudent approach in relying on Member States’ information on audits and financial corrections, and that it continue to provide methodological support and guidance to national audit bodies. The Commission should also introduce a system of sanctions against audit bodies that repeatedly under-report problems, and should propose arrangements to share with Member States the costs of auditing the EU’s regional spending.


Full press release can be accessed here and the full special report of the Court of Auditors No. 16/2013 can be accessed here

Source: European Union Press Release Database