Implementation of Cohesion Policy in Greece as of January 2014

The Sixth Activity Report of the Task Force for Greece (TFGR) has been published last week. It highlights progress that Greece has made in absorption of its ESI Funds as compared to the end of 2010. Namely, Greece ranks 2nd among all Member States in absorption of Cohesion Fund, and 4th in regards to absorption of Structural Funds. The 4th place in absorption of Structural Funds has been lowered by the relatively low absorption of European Social Funds (62,31%) as compared to other EU Member States (67,59%).  Major improvements in implementation of EU funds have been noted in the areas of digital convergence, transport infrastructure, and employment. More comprehensive comparison figures are available in the chart below. 

The TFGR has been envisioned as a mode for supporting successful absorption of ESI funds through technical assistance to the Greek authorities. More than half of technical assistance is concentrated in the areas of tax administration, public financial management and the reform of the central administration. However, technical assistance is also gaining importance in other fields. 

TFGR is presently active in 12 areas, where it provides technical assistance for 110 projects: 

  1. Acceleration of cohesion policy projects
  2. Financial institutions/access to finance
  3. Reform of public administration
  4. Revenue administration and public financial management
  5. Anti-money laundering and anti-corruption
  6. Business environment
  7. Healthcare reform
  8. Reform of the judicial system
  9. Labor market, social security, innovation and education
  10. Migration, asylum and borders
  11. Privatization and land registry
  12. Energy, transport and environment

Source: The Task Force For Greece - Sixth Activity Report