Adoption of the First Partnership Agreement

Press Release 

The European Commission adopted the first of the 28 Partnership Agreements (PAs).

Partnership Agreement with Denmark specifies investment priorities for Cohesion Policy, fisheries and rural development. A set of pre-conditions has been met (e.g., national innovation strategy), which enabled the timely adoption of the Partnership Agreement between the European Commission and Denmark. Partnership Agreement is available on the website of the European Commission in Danish.

The Partnership Agreement with Denmark concentrates on:  

  • competitiveness and job creation through a) investments in innovation and business development; 2) promotion of entrepreneurship and 3) support to agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture sectors
  • inclusion into labor market of marginalized persons 
  • promotion of environmental protection and resource efficiency

Denmark chose the following investment priorities that will transform selected thematic objectives into tangible results:

  • promotion of research and innovation in green technologies
  • investments in education and vocational training, upgrading of knowledge, skills and competences of workers in order to foster an inclusive labor force
  • improve linkages between business, research centers and universities in order to improve technology transfer, networking and clustering among Danish enterprises

Full press release: Inforegio - Newsroom