Croatia: Operational Programmes 2014-2020

Croatia in the EU: first major projects financed from the Cohesion Fund

The European Commission has approved a contribution of nearly €103 million for the first two major projects to be implemented under the EU’s Cohesion Fund for Croatia. The investments will benefit 150 000 residents in the regions of Osijek and Porec as well as 75 000 expected tourists per year. The projects will contribute to the protection of Croatia's water resources through improved water supply and integrated wastewater management system and 300 jobs are likely to be created as the projects are implemented.

In Osijek, the project will focus on the extension and improvement of the sewage system and the construction of a waste water treatment plant. This will help to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the Drava river and groundwater. In addition, the project will provide a safe and reliable drinking water supply through improvements to the supply network and the extension of the water treatment facility.

Through the construction of four waste water treatment plants, the project in Porec will reduce the direct discharge of untreated waste water into sensitive coastal sea water. It will also vastly improve the performance of the waste water treatment facility by reducing leaks in the sewer network. By extending these, be considerably increased. The EU investments are financed through the Cohesion Fund as part of Operational Programme "Environment" within the priority axis “Protecting Croatia's water resources
through improved water supply and integrated wastewater management systems”. The European Union will contribute €102.7 million, with €53 million for Osijek and €49.7 million for Porec. With national funds include, the total investment comes to €139.7 million with €72.5 million and €67.2 million for Osijek and Porec respectively. Both projects are expected to be finished in 2016.

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Source: European Commission

Council agrees EU Funds for Croatia for 2013


Data: Council of the European Union Read the full press release


2013 budget adjusted for Croatia´s accession to the EU

The European Commission proposed to amend the EU-2013 budget to account for the impact of Croatia's accession. The proposed allocations amount to 655.1 million EUR in commitments (0.4% of the 2013 budget) and 374.0 million EUR (0.3%) in payments."From 1 July 2013 when Croatia joins the EU, says EU Commissioner for Financial programming and Budget Janusz Lewandowski, Croat regions and towns, small and medium-sized businesses, NGOs, scientists and other will be eligible for EU funds just like any other Member State. This amending budget simply implements the financial aspects of the unanimous agreement of EU Member State to welcome Croatia as the 28th Member of the European Union. " Croatia's contribution to the 2013 EU budget amounts to 211.9 million EUR.

Future Cohesion Policy in Croatia – Position Paper of the European Commission

The European Commission has recently presented Croatian authorities with a Position Paper on the development of the Partnership Agreement and programmes for the period 2014-2020. The document will serve as framework for dialogue and negotiation between Brussels and Zagreb. The Position Paper outlines Croatia’s most pressing challenges and proposes four complementary and mutually reinforcing funding priorities.


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