Management and control systems - Overview of Commission's actions (2012 and Q1 2013)

Youth Employment-related Country-Specific Recommendations


  • Simplify and reinforce coherence between employment incentives, activation policies, labour matching, education, lifelong learning and vocational training policies for older people and youth.


  • Accelerate the national Youth Employment Initiative, for example through a Youth Guarantee.
  • Adopt the School Education Act and pursue the reform of higher education, in particular through better aligning outcomes to labour-market needs and strengthening cooperation between education, research and business.


  • Improve the quality of vocational training to reduce drop-out rates and increase the number of apprenticeships.


  • Continue efforts to improve the labour-market relevance of education and training systems, including by further involving social partners and implementing targeted measures to address youth unemployment.

Hungary 2014-2020 - Structural Funds for Social Inclusion

The evaluation report on interventions targeting social inclusion in Hungary puts forward several recommendations for the programming period 2014-2020 regarding the structure of operational programmes, the key areas of investment, coordination mechanisms and options to target socially excluded groups.

Development priorities for Hungary 2014-2020

The 2013 National Reform Programme of Hungary includes a chapter on the preparations for the next generation on EU-funded programmes. The reports presents five development priorities: 1) Improving the competitiveness and global performance of the business sector; 2) Increasing the level of employment through economic development, employment, education and social inclusion policies, taking account of territorial disparities; 3) Enhancing energy and resource efficiency; 4) Tackling social and demographic challenges; 5) Local and regional development aimed at promoting economic growth.

Youth Unemployment in the European Union


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