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EC publishes the 2013 Strategic Report on the implementation of Cohesion Policy Programmes

Press release: The European Commission presented an overview of how EU Structural Funds are working in Member States. The ‘Strategic Report’ on the implementation of 2007-2013 Cohesion Policy programmes pulls together available information from Member States, up to end-2011 in most cases. With 4 more years to go until the programmes finish in 2015, investments under the European Regional Development Fund, Cohesion Fund and European Social Fund have already led to progress and improvement for many citizens.

EC President Barroso on EU Funds in Cyprus

EC President Jose Manuel Barroso replied to a letter from the President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, regarding EU funds for Cyprus 2014-2020. The letter addresses different elements of the future programming period such as the possibility to benefit from the Youth Employment Initiative, the higher pre-financing and higher co-financing rates, as well the financial envelope for Cyprus.

Main problems in the implementation of EU Funds in the Czech Republic

The 2012 Strategic Report for the period 2007-2013 identifies two main categories of problems hampering the effective implementation of Structural Funds in the Czech Republic:

Greece - measures to speed up the implementation of EU Funds and challenges faced

The 2012 Strategic report on the implementation of programmes in Greece highlights some of the measures adopted to fight off the economic crisis and to speed up the implementation of Structural Funds: - Activation of new financial instruments; - The 2012 review of the National Strategic Reference Framework and operational programmes; - Elaboration of an Action Plan aimed at strengthening youth employment and entrepreneurship; - Drafting of a list of 181 priority projects totaling 11,5 billion EUR; - Simplification of the management system of co-financed projects; - Increasing the EU - cofinancing rate.

2013 budget adjusted for Croatia´s accession to the EU

The European Commission proposed to amend the EU-2013 budget to account for the impact of Croatia's accession. The proposed allocations amount to 655.1 million EUR in commitments (0.4% of the 2013 budget) and 374.0 million EUR (0.3%) in payments."From 1 July 2013 when Croatia joins the EU, says EU Commissioner for Financial programming and Budget Janusz Lewandowski, Croat regions and towns, small and medium-sized businesses, NGOs, scientists and other will be eligible for EU funds just like any other Member State. This amending budget simply implements the financial aspects of the unanimous agreement of EU Member State to welcome Croatia as the 28th Member of the European Union. " Croatia's contribution to the 2013 EU budget amounts to 211.9 million EUR.


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