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EP Negotiatin​g mandate and negotiatin​g team - Future Cohesion Policy

The EP negotiating mandate for the legislative package on the Future Cohesion Policy was adopted by the REGI Committee in July.  Please note that the mandate is not finalised yet with respects to issues related to the Financial Regulation. This will be later completed by the REGI Committee.

Regional policy reform: MEPs set to start talks with member states

Regional Development Committee MEPs are set to start talks with member states on the EU's post-2013 cohesion policy, after Wednesday's (Note: 11 July 2012) votes on their mandates to negotiate the legislative package proposals. MEPs called for greater involvement of regions and local authorities in designing regional programmes and more flexibility for regions to set priorities. Regional policy funding should not depend on member states' budget discipline, they added.

REGI Agenda 29-30 May

The draft agenda of the next meeting of the Committee on Regional Development is now available.


Source: European Parliament

REGI will consider the draft report on the General Regulation

On 26 April 2012 the members of the European Parliament Commission on Regional Development will consider the draft report on 'Common provisions on European Funds and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006'. This report is the main report of the Post 2013 legislative package on the Future Cohesion Policy.

Parliament endorses risk-sharing instruments for Member States worst hit by the crisis

The European Parliament has approved the Commission’s proposal enabling the use of cohesion policy allocations still available to back-up guarantees and loans by financial institutions such as the European Investment Bank (EIB). EU funds will be used to create so-called “risk-sharing instruments”. The measure is intended to address the serious obstacles faced by some Member States, especially Greece, in raising the private financing needed to implement key projects which can only be part-financed by public funds. This tool will support more investment in the economy and therefore creation of jobs.


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