Task Force for Greece

EC Communication: Growth for Greece

The Communication provides details on how EU funds will be used to provide loans and guarantees for SMEs in Greece (€ 4 billion ) and describes measures necessary for growth like facilitating and promoting exports, modernising and simplifying the regulatory environment, preparing state owned companies for privatisation and modernising sectors like energy and transport.

Second quarterly report of the Task Force for Greece

The second report of the Task Force for Greece was published today. The report outlines the organization and coordination of technical assistance (TA) by the Task Force and depicts areas where TA may be needed in the future. One major chapter of the report focuses on the use of cohesion funds to support growth and job creation. In the chapter on the acceleration of cohesion policy projects, the report presents a number of positive developments and outlines remaining challenges.

First quarterly report of the Task Force for Greece

Full press release below: First quarterly report of Commission's Task Force for Greece shows cautious optimism Brussels, 17 November 2011 - In addition to fiscal consolidation as an important first step on Greece's long road to recovery, the country has also begun a programme of profound structural reform and work towards a more efficient public administration. Following the economic adjustment programme the Greek government has taken some important first steps in this direction over the past 18 months.

Member states will provide their specific expertise to Greece

Following his visit to Athens, Horst Reichenbach, Head of the Task Force for Greece (TFGR), detailed some of the technical assistance activities that will be provided to Greece and outlined which member state has the relevant expertise.

Task Force for Greece progresses rapidly with TA actions

The Task Force for Greece organised its first high level coordination meeting on Wednesday 12 October with the Greek authorities, Member States and international organisations offering technical assistance to Greece. Based on issues identified in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Greek authorities and the Troika as well as a first list of requests from the Greek administration received on 4 October, participants discussed on how to best organise technical assistance for Greece.


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