Task Force for Greece

Greek authorities compile list of 44 major projects

As announced on 21 September, Greek authorities 'have compiled a list of 44 viable major projects that according to their estimations should be completed within the current programming period i.e. by 2015. These projects should bring a concrete and immediate contribution to economic growth and jobs in Greece. The feasibility of each project has so far been assessed by the Greek Managing Authorities and sets out deadlines and lines of responsibility. The management and implementation of these 44 major projects remain under the full responsibility of the Greek authorities.

Action Plan for Greece

On 21 September Greek authorities and Commissioner Hahn concluded an action plan to improve the use of EU structural funds in Greece. The action plan consists of two major pillars: 1) Drawing up of a list of viable and high quality projects in order to make maximal use of the remaining allocation( ~€15 billion Euro).


Reichenbach discusses priorities for Greece

Following discussions with several Greek Ministries, Mr. Horst Reichenbach, Head of the Task force for Greece, discussed the main priorities necessary  to put the country back on track.




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