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Press release - Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Cohesion Policy/Vilnius

After the Informal Meeting of Ministers responsible for Cohesion Policy in Vilnius, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn issued the statement: 

Cohesion Policy is Essential for the Continuous EU Growth

During the Inter-parliamentary committee meeting that was organized by the European Parliament on November 27, 2013 and which touched upon the future of Cohesion Policy, Chair of the Permanent Representatives Committee, Ambassador Raimundas Karoblis pointed out that the main aspect of the reformed Cohesion Policy is its link to the goals of the EU strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency in the field of Cohesion Policy, macro-regional strategies and youth unemployment

The  Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union started on 1 July 2013. The following priorities have been defined in the field of Cohesion Policy, macro-regional strategies and youth unemployment.

Cohesion Policy

The Presidency will continue negotiations with the European Parliament on the regulations for 2014-2020, aiming for the adoption of the legislation before the end of 2013. An informal meeting of ministers in charge of Cohesion Policy is scheduled for November. The Lithuanian Presidency will also work on the Commission's proposal regarding the amendment of the General Regulation for 2007-2013, in order to provide certain measures for EU countries experiencing difficulties in relation to the economic and financial crisis (for example, the n+3 rule for Romania and Slovakia).

Macro-regional strategies

The Presidency will propose the adoption of the Council conclusions on the added-value of macro-regional strategies and will propose actions to further strengthen their regional and thematic role. The Presidency will host the 4th Annual Forum of the Baltic Sea Strategy, dedicated to environmental protection.

Youth unemployment

The Presidency will also dedicate full political attentions to the implementation of the Youth Guarantee and initiate discussions with social partners regarding the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. For this purpose, the Presidency will seek the adoption of a Council declaration. Another point on the Agenda of the Presidency will be the improved cooperation of Public Employment Services.

Read the Programme of the Lithuanian Presidency

Source: Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Cypriot Presidency: Member States discussed the effectiveness and governance of the future Cohesion Policy

At the latest Informal Ministerial Meeting in Nicosia, Cohesion Policy Ministers discussed the improvement of effectiveness and added value of the policy, as well as ways of improving its governance. Member States expressed their positions on the basis of a Presidency paper entitled ‘Improving the Effectiveness and Added Value of Cohesion Policy’. The paper is aimed at initiating discussions and assisting Member States in reaching common ground on how to make better use of the new elements of EU Cohesion Policy.

Informal Ministerial Meeting on the future Cohesion Policy on 6 November

On 6 November 2012 the EU Ministers for Cohesion Policy will meet in Nicosia (Cyprus) to discuss elements of the future policy. The meeting takes place at a crucial time in the negotiations on the 2014-2020 budget, as well as in the negotiations on the legislative framework for the future Cohesion Policy.


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