Future Cohesion Policy

Bulgaria: Operational Programmes 2014-2020 by Size

Bulgaria: Type of Operational Programmes 2014-2020

Austria: Type of Operational Programmes 2014-2020

Poland: Type of Operational Programmes 2014-2020

In the programming period 2014-2020 Poland has 22 Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes (OPs).

DG REGIO will manage 21 of the Operational Programmes, while DG EMPL one.

Six OPs are operational on the national level and 16 Operational Programmes are regional OPs.

Two of the Operational Programmes will be single-fund OPs (ERDF and CF); three others will be multi-fund OPs (ERDF/ESF, ERDF/CF, ESF/YEI). 

List of Partnership Agreements 2014-2020 and their respective summaries

The “Partnership Agreements” (PAs) are negotiated between the European Commission and Member States on investment priorities covering the ESI Funds and setting out how EU investments support smart, sustainable an



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