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ECA Special Report 06/2014 “Cohesion policy funds support to renewable energy generation - has it achieved good results?”

Press Release on a European Court of Auditors Special Report 06/2014

EU spending on renewable energy needs improvements to enhance its contribution to policy goals, say EU Auditors

Energy efficiency projects not cost-effective, says European Court of Auditors

The latest report issued by the European Court of Auditors assessed whether Cohesion Policy funded projects in the field of energy efficiency were cost-effective. For this purpose audits were conducted in the Czech Republic, in Italy and Lithuania. The report concludes that:  

ECA: Member States and Commission must manage spending better

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) published its oversight report on the implementation of the EU 2011 budget. The Court has signed off the 2011 accounts as complete and accurate, but finds too many errors in the underlying payments.The ECA estimates a rate of error of 3,9% for the EU budget as a whole. The rate of error was particularly high in 2 areas: Rural development (7,7%) and Regional policy(6%). Errors are caused by non-compliance of beneficiaries with EU- and national rules governing spending. Only a small part of errors represent fraud.

ECA: EU Commission partially successful in correcting and improving Member States' management and control systems for Structural Funds

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) audit was mainly carried out on the basis of a review of 40 programmes in which significant management and control deficiencies had been identified. It aimed at assessing whether the Commission dealt in a satisfactory way with deficiencies identified in the Member States' management and control systems. The ECA concludes in its special report (No. 3/2012) that the Commission takes appropriate corrective actions when deficiencies in Member States' systems are identified, but the process to implementation is lengthy. The Commission had some success in ensuring that financial corrections were correctly applied, but was less successful in obtaining assurance that its actions led to improvements in Member States’ management and control systems

ECA finds that Structural and Cohesion Fund investments in transport infrastructure in seaports effective in only 11 out of the 27 projects

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) assessed the objectives and outputs of 27 randomly selected transport infrastructure projects in seaports which were co-financed between 2000 and 2006 through the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund. The Court found that only 11 out of the 27 projects were effective in supporting transport policy objectives. In addition, some constructions had not been completed, some were not in use and others will need considerable further investment before they can be put into effective use. The Court’s report puts forward various reasons to explain these findings and makes recommendations to address the shortcomings noted so as to improve future EU-spending in seaports.
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