European Court of Auditors

Obstacles ahead for the Youth Guarantee

Press Release 

Financial Corrections and Recoveries 2013

The total amount of financial corrections and recoveries for ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund confirmed/decided in 2013 decreased by approximately 10% compared to 2012. The total amount of financial corrections and recoveries implemented for ERDF, ESF and Cohesion Fund in 2013 decreased by roughly 42% compared to 2012. Exact figures are detailed on the attached graph. 

ECA Special Report 06/2014 “Cohesion policy funds support to renewable energy generation - has it achieved good results?”

Press Release on a European Court of Auditors Special Report 06/2014

EU spending on renewable energy needs improvements to enhance its contribution to policy goals, say EU Auditors

Older workers – Member States and Commission cannot assess if programmes actually help – say EU Auditors

Increasing the employment rate of older workers is part of the EU’s strategic goals. But a new report by the European Court of Auditors has found that neither the Member States nor the Commission are in a position to establish how many older workers have gained new qualifications, or found or kept a job after having benefited from an action funded by the ESF. The necessary tools to provide relevant and reliable information in this respect have not been put in place by most audited member states.

Energy efficiency projects not cost-effective, says European Court of Auditors

The latest report issued by the European Court of Auditors assessed whether Cohesion Policy funded projects in the field of energy efficiency were cost-effective. For this purpose audits were conducted in the Czech Republic, in Italy and Lithuania. The report concludes that:  

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