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Poland: Type of Operational Programmes 2014-2020

In the programming period 2014-2020 Poland has 22 Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes (OPs).

DG REGIO will manage 21 of the Operational Programmes, while DG EMPL one.

Six OPs are operational on the national level and 16 Operational Programmes are regional OPs.

Two of the Operational Programmes will be single-fund OPs (ERDF and CF); three others will be multi-fund OPs (ERDF/ESF, ERDF/CF, ESF/YEI). 

Poland 2014-2020 - Information on operational programmes, investment priorities and budgets

In the programming period 2014-2020 Poland will manage six national operational programmes (OPs) and 16 regional programmes (one for each region).

  • The OP Infrastructure and environment will support energy efficiency and low-carbon economy projects, in particular in cities. Its main beneficiaries will be public bodies (including local authorities), but also private companies.
  • The OP Intelligent Development will aim to increase Poland's innovation and competitiveness by supporting private sector research and development. The OP will focus on strengthening the link between business and education, as well as the development of innovative companies. Its main beneficiaries will be SMEs, research institutions, clusters and business associations.
  • The OP Knowledge, Education and Development will aim to improve the quality and efficiency of the Polish higher education system.
  • The OP Digital Poland will be dedicated to ICT projects, broadband networks and e-services.
  • The OP Eastern Poland will focus on increasing the competitiveness of the macro-region.
  • The OP Technical Assistance will ensure the smooth implementation of Structural and Investment Funds in Poland.
  • The 16 regional operational programmes will finance a series of activities that are complementary to the investments envisaged by the 6 national programmes: promotion of entrepreneurship, education, employment, social inclusion, ICT, infrastructure, environment, energy and transport.
  • As previously announced by Polish authorities, more funds will be managed at the regional level (around 41,5% compared to 24,9% - excluding the figures for European Territorial Cooperation).

Source: Polish Ministry of Regional Development Read the full press release concerning Poland's draft partnership agreement (under public consultation)

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Poland 2014-2020 - Preliminary list of Operational Programmes

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