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EP Negotiatin​g mandate and negotiatin​g team - Future Cohesion Policy

The EP negotiating mandate for the legislative package on the Future Cohesion Policy was adopted by the REGI Committee in July.  Please note that the mandate is not finalised yet with respects to issues related to the Financial Regulation. This will be later completed by the REGI Committee.

Regional policy reform: MEPs set to start talks with member states

Regional Development Committee MEPs are set to start talks with member states on the EU's post-2013 cohesion policy, after Wednesday's (Note: 11 July 2012) votes on their mandates to negotiate the legislative package proposals. MEPs called for greater involvement of regions and local authorities in designing regional programmes and more flexibility for regions to set priorities. Regional policy funding should not depend on member states' budget discipline, they added.

Priorities of the Cypriot Presidency in the field of Cohesion Policy

The Cypriot Presidency aims to reach an agreement on the legislative package for the future Cohesion Policy and carry forward the work on implementation and monitoring of the roadmap towards promoting and enhancing an integrated approach on the Territorial Agenda 2020.

Council agrees on further elements of new EU cohesion policy

The Council took a further step towards the adoption of new rules for EU cohesion policy for the 2014-2020 period by agreeing on a second partial general approach. The partial general approach agreed today complements the partial general approach on six rather technical elements agreed on 24 April.

Exchange of views with Commissioner J. Hahn and with Danish Minister N. Wammen

On its meeting of 29 May 2012 the Committee on Regional Development will hold an exchange of views on the latest developments concerning the Legislative Package for Cohesion Policy with Mr Johannes Hahn, Commissioner on Regional Policy and an exchange of views on the state of play of the Danish Presidency of the Council of the EU with Mr Nicolai Wammen, Minister for European Affairs.

The exchange of views with the Commissioner is scheduled for 11.00-12.30. The exchange of view with Mr. Wammen is scheduled for 17:30-18:30.


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