Future Cohesion Policy

How is the partnership principle to be strengthened for European funds?

The Commission has set out in general terms the principles by which countries in the European Union must be guided in order to ensure the successful participation of the partners whose involvement in the implementation of European funds is required. This paper contains the elements for a future ‘European Code of Conduct on Partnership’.

Council takes first hurdle towards new EU Cohesion Policy

The Council took the first step towards the adoption of new rules for EU cohesion policy for the 2014-2020 period by agreeing on a partial general approach (8207/12 REV 2+ 8207/12 ADD 7 REV 1). The purpose of cohesion policy is to reduce disparities between the levels of developmentof the EU's various regions. The Council's partial general approach is aimed at strengthening results orientation and improving the quality of cohesion spending. It also seeks to contribute to the integration of cohesion policy in the economic governance of the EU.

REGI will consider the draft report on the General Regulation

On 26 April 2012 the members of the European Parliament Commission on Regional Development will consider the draft report on 'Common provisions on European Funds and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006'. This report is the main report of the Post 2013 legislative package on the Future Cohesion Policy.

Commission proposes one programming tool for all structural funds

The European Commission presented its proposals for the Common Strategic Framework that will apply to Cohesion and Structural Funds, as well as to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The CSF will be the basis for drafting the partnership contracts between the Commission and the Member States. The CSF allows for a stronger alignment with Europe 2020 Strategy and envisages Multi-fund programmes that aim to increase the impact of interventions on the ground. EU institutions are invited to submit their views on the overview of the CSF. The Framework will be adopted within three months of the adoption of the legislative package on Cohesion Policy Funds for the next Multiannual Financial Framework proposed on 6th October 2011.

Future Cohesion Policy: country factsheets published

The European Commission has published factsheets outlining the progress of individual Member States in meeting their agreed targets under the Europe 2020 Strategy. The factsheets will be used in the negotiations on the future Cohesion Policy (2014-2020). The fact sheets place each country in a European perspective by measuring performance, proving information on average performances, worst/best performers.  

The fact sheets are available here.


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