Romania revises its public procurement system to unblock payments

The Romanian Ministry of European Affairs complied with the demands  of the European Commission to revise its public procurement system, as a prerequisite for future reimbursements. Improvements cover the role and responsibilities of relevant institutions and the conflict of interest. Pending on the Commission’s approval, the Ministry of European Affairs hopes that the reimbursement process will be unblocked in early December the latest.

Operational Programs in Romania (Convergence objective)

Economic, Social and Territorial Situation of Romania

This note provides a short overview of Romania's economic, political and administrative set-up together with a description of Community support to Romania, and the Operational Programmes contained in the National Strategic Reference Framework for the period 2007-2013.

It focuses in particular on the region of Bucuresti-Ilfov and the Vest region.

The note has been prepared in the context of the Committee on Regional Development's delegation to Romania, 3 - 5 November 2010.


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