Progress report Greece - Implementation of EU funded programmes

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Implementation of EU funded programmes in Greece - 3 July 2013

Data as of 3 July 2013. More statistics are available on www.espa.gr

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Measures to tackle youth unemployment in Greece using Structural Funds

Together with Greek authorities the Action Team of the European Commission reprogrammed EUR 1,15 billion for projects aimed at combating youth unemployment . 'A national youth action plan was announced in January 2013. Up to now, an amount of approx. EUR 635 million has targeted 182 812 beneficiaries while an additional budget of EUR 517 million targeting 350 000 participants has already been committed and is being used to promote youth related activities under the action plan. The revisions of 8 ERDF and 4 ESF programmes were submitted in Q3 2012 and programmes were approved in December. These revisions have the following aims:

Greece 2014: challenges ahead

Commissioner Johannes Hahn attended the 1st National Development Conference of the Programming Period 2014-2020.  The Commissioner, together with Greek Prime Minister Antonios Samaras and Kostis Hatzidakis, Greek Minister for Development, launched the discussions on how the next generation of programmes financed under EU Cohesion/Regional Policy can best be focused to create jobs and boost growth. Greece is expected to submit its Partnership Agreement for the period 2014-2020 in June.


Greece - measures to speed up the implementation of EU Funds and challenges faced

The 2012 Strategic report on the implementation of programmes in Greece highlights some of the measures adopted to fight off the economic crisis and to speed up the implementation of Structural Funds: - Activation of new financial instruments; - The 2012 review of the National Strategic Reference Framework and operational programmes; - Elaboration of an Action Plan aimed at strengthening youth employment and entrepreneurship; - Drafting of a list of 181 priority projects totaling 11,5 billion EUR; - Simplification of the management system of co-financed projects; - Increasing the EU - cofinancing rate.


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