Progress after one year of Task Force for Greece

One year ago the Task Force for Greece was created by EC President Barroso at the request of Greek authorities. Today it coordinates an extensive portfolio of technical assistance projects covering 10 policy domains, namely: 1) acceleration of EU-funded projects 2) access to finance 3) public administration reform 4) budget and taxation 5) anti-corruption 6) business environment 7) public health 8) reform of the judiciary 9) migration, asylum and borders 10) labour market and social security. Around 20 Member States are currently providing technical assistance.

Absorption rates Greece - July 2012

Absorption rates Greece - May 2012

EC Communication: Growth for Greece

The Communication provides details on how EU funds will be used to provide loans and guarantees for SMEs in Greece (€ 4 billion ) and describes measures necessary for growth like facilitating and promoting exports, modernising and simplifying the regulatory environment, preparing state owned companies for privatisation and modernising sectors like energy and transport.

Commission to adopt a communication on growth and jobs for Greece on 18 April

At the initiative of President Barroso, the European Commission will adopt a Communication highlighting the priority measures to get Greece growing again. These measures, to be taken in Greece during 2012 as part of its second economic adjustment programme, will help to create the conditions for sustainable growth and job creation and begin to reverse the negative trends of recent years.



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