Bulgaria - Absorption rates of EU Funds (May 2013)


Bulgaria - Absorption rates of EU Funds (March 2013)

Source: www.eufunds.bg Detailed statistics available here.


Bulgaria: Impact of Structural Funds 2009-2012 and lessons learnt

The 2012 Strategic report on the implementation of the 2007-2013 programmes in Bulgaria highlights some of the results of structural investments between 2009-2012: private consumption is up by 3.9%, government consumption is up by 8.8%, government investments are 26.3% higher, whilst the the unemployment rate is down by 2.4 p.p.

Standard tender documents in Bulgaria developed with JASPERS expertise

JASPERS experts are assisting Bulgarian authorities in the development of standard tender documents for public contracts in the field of transport (construction and construction supervision for railway and road construction). The JASPERS expertise is provided as part of a technical assistance project aiming to develop the following tender documents: methodologies and guidelines for determining the selection and awarding criteria for conventional projects in the field of road and railway infrastructure, framework guidelines for the selection of the most suitable strategy for awarding public contracts (i.e. road and railway construction contracts, major facilities such as long tunnels, long bridges), as well as determining the selection and awarding criteria for special facilities (construction orders).

Absorption rates of EU funds in Bulgaria - 28.02.2013

Source: www.eufunds.bg  Detailed statistics on Structural and Cohesion Funds in Bulgaria are available here.



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