Poland: Type of Operational Programmes 2014-2020

In the programming period 2014-2020 Poland has 22 Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes (OPs).

DG REGIO will manage 21 of the Operational Programmes, while DG EMPL one.

Six OPs are operational on the national level and 16 Operational Programmes are regional OPs.

Two of the Operational Programmes will be single-fund OPs (ERDF and CF); three others will be multi-fund OPs (ERDF/ESF, ERDF/CF, ESF/YEI). 

Update - Level of implementation of EU Funds in Poland

According to data generated from the KSI SIMIK 07-13 National Information System, since the start of programmes until 23th June 2013268 100 applications (correct from the formal point of view) were submitted for the global amount of co-financing (both Community and national funds) of PLN 550.9 billion.

During the same period, 86 123 contracts for co-financing were signed with beneficiaries, for the amount of PLN 357 billion (83 658 336 847  EUR*) amount of co-funding on the part of the EU of PLN 246.7 billion, which constitutes 86.3 percent of allocation for the 2007-2013 period.

The value of beneficiaries’ expenditure recognised as eligible, resulting from submitted payment claims was PLN 214.8 billion (50 343 593 561 EUR*), and in the part of EU co-financing – PLN 152.3 billion.

*Exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4,2667 PLN

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Source: Polish Ministry of EU Funds


Implementation of EU Funds in Poland - March 2013 (reimbursement claims submitted to the European Commission)

Achievements of Cohesion Policy in Poland

More jobs, better infrastructure and sustained economic growth. These are in short the achievements of Cohesion Policy in Poland according to the 2012 Strategic Report on the implementation of current programmes in Poland.

Timeline - Poland's preparations for 2014-2020

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Source: www.mrr.gov.pl


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