Slovakia - Statistics on the implementation of EU Funds (February 2013)

Source: www.nsrr.sk

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President Barroso: 'There is a real need to improve the use of Structural and Rural Development Funds in Slovakia'

'Frankly speaking, there is a risk that Slovakia will not be able to absorb some of the funds in the current programming period (...) For this purpose all possible efforts should be made to avoid losses this year. Commission and Slovak experts are together analysing all possible solutions to improve the absorption of funds and speed up the implementation of cohesion policy programmes. And together we decided to give a very clear mandate to our experts on the European Commission and on the Slovak side, to work for that purpose. So we want to increase the absorption capacity so that these structural funds money is properly used for growth in Slovakia' said Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, following his meeting with Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Slovakia: Absorption rates of Structural and Cohesion Funds (31.01.2013)

Source: www.nsrr.sk

More statistics available here.


Funding priorities for Slovakia 2014-2020 - Summary of the Position Paper of the European Commision

The Position Paper of the Commission Services on the development of the Partnership Agreement in Slovakia sets out the country-specific challenges and presents the Commission’s preliminary view on Slovakia’s funding priorities for 2014-2020. Five complementary and mutually reinforcing funding priorities have been proposed: 1. Innovation friendly business environment; 2. Infrastructure for economic growth and jobs; 3. Human capital growth and improved labour market participation; 4. Sustainable and efficient use of natural resources; 5. Modern and professional administration.

Commission Action teams in Slovakia and Portugal

The European Commission's Action Teams left for Slovakia and Portugal to assist national authorities in reprioritising and reprogramming unallocated structural and cohesion funds. Their aim is to reduce the souring rate of youth unemployment and provide support to SMEs. Action teams comprised of experts from DG REGIO, DG EMPL, DG Culture and DG ECFIN are already working or will soon start their work in six other Member States: Italy, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Spain, and Lithuania.
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