Absorption rates 2011- Portugal: 39%

For more statistics on 2011 absorption rates in Portugal open the article and scroll down.


Commission Action teams in Slovakia and Portugal

The European Commission's Action Teams left for Slovakia and Portugal to assist national authorities in reprioritising and reprogramming unallocated structural and cohesion funds. Their aim is to reduce the souring rate of youth unemployment and provide support to SMEs. Action teams comprised of experts from DG REGIO, DG EMPL, DG Culture and DG ECFIN are already working or will soon start their work in six other Member States: Italy, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Spain, and Lithuania.

Commissioner Hahn and Portuguese authorities: talk on possible redistribution of funds to job-creating sectors

Full press release below: 21/11/2011 Commissioner Hahn went to Lisbon on 17 and 18 November to discuss with several representatives of the Portuguese Government the state of play on cohesion policy in Portugal. He raised with them the possibility of redefining and reprogramming some of the funds for sectors with the potential for generating growth and creating jobs.

Task Force for Portugal to be established

The European Commission, at the request of the Portuguese Government, has decided to create a support structure with the aim of better using and targeting Community funds in support of the Economic and Financial Assistance programme being implemented in Portugal.


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