Miss Signorina Excuse me miss, but have we met? Translation Volume: pages Languages: Italian to English tourism portal www.

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You can always tell the Italians are interested by what they call you. What a stink! Ci siamo baciati con la lingua. Non ci sto più dentro. Do you wanna hear a rumor?

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What… Che… craziness! Ti va una boccale del vino di casa? Porco dio! For Her The general terms vagina and figa are used to describe a really hot chick.

Gabrielle euvino dirty italian everyday slang f b by BORÓ,Madnungo - Issuu

Sweet dreams! Come va? The top-quality bedding includes Myform pillows and mattresses, ensuring a perfect night's sleep. In fauci al lupo!

When hell freezes over! A prodigal son Un figliol prodigo A son of a ho Un figlio di puttana A son of a bitch Un figlio di puttana A son of a gun Figlio di buona femmina Euphemism for figlio di puttana. Devo andarmene. Who knows if the bastard child is really his? Etna: The highest volcano in Europe is still active.


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