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You said still abuses DUCK concept and has some assumptions of bad faith and also still casts consensus as conspiracy. As for nomenclature issue you referred to as incoherent , perhaps the "s" on the end of quack tripped you up? Bracciale insieme ciondoli a stella — argento rodiato. A review of relevant PAGs will help you establish your position. Yes you did do take out that AMMO thing; that was good.

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I'd just grab them up, give 'em a big ole hug and lots of smooches, and tickle 'em till they laughed. In this essay you describe any consensus against you as a conspiracy of bad faith editors; no distinction made between plain old consensus and whatever this flock of ducks thing you describe is. The section "Make no mistakes" states "If by chance you find yourself subjected to a pattern of aggressive editing behavior" Leggi tutto. Tuta rossa a giromanica — Imperial.

Most advocacy ducks are accomplished at gaming the system and switching blame to the opposition. Happy editing! This probably needs clarification for this important essay. Oh, and since you brought up Griffin yet again with more of the same misinformation, yawnmay I remind you that Srich and I were consistently trying to reach a compromise on that article. I tried to make the "signs" be clear, to help readers of the essay be able to point to specific behavior that identifies advocates. Leggi tutto.


Blusa a giromanica — No-na. Jytdog talk , 19 April UTC. Try to consider such naming conventions a kooky form of applied science. I have been exposed to it at various articles, and I've seen other editors get railroaded and end-up with indef blocks. DrChrissy , no end of discussion, cause it has barely started. That essay used "ganged up together" and my essay uses a group that is "picketing against you". Same career but a different more positive direction and that is exactly what this essay demonstrates; i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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